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Consuming consciously

We can save energy and reduce CO2 emissions in the long term, by buying long-lasting furniture, clothing, and electronic devices and by using them as long as possible. Examples include a PC, the TV or the photo camera. To manufacture a PC takes about 3 times more energy than it needs during its entire operational life.

Switch off your devices
Turn off all devices immediately after use. It is worthwhile, and brings along more than just cost savings.

Share and co-use
Saving energy and money can also be attained by leasing or co-using instead of purchasing individually. e.g. Skiing equipment or other sports equipment during sport’s holiday. The same device will be used much more efficiently.

Think globally, act locally
In the third World, manufactured products need transportation and energy, while they pollute the environment. Moreover, they will often be produced under inhumane conditions.
More info at: www.cleanclothes.ch

Shopping on-site
By shopping in the vicinity on foot, by bicycle, or even by car when necessary, we save energy and protect the environment. Additionally, we also support the local industry and contribute to the maintenance of local infrastructure.

Energy-efficient lighting
You can now test your LED-lights regarding their price, quality and energy efficieny.
More info at: www.kassensturz.sf.tv

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