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CO2 Reduction - What can you do?

First, I calculate your emissions (sorry, text still in German).
then I compare with examples, to see what generates how much CO2 emissions --> download PDF

How do you reduce your CO2 emissions in everyday life?

Today, each person in Switzerland consumes more than 12 tons of CO2 per year (this includes also imports of goods and services). The emissions in Switzerland are 6,7 tons of CO2, mainly for the production of food and consumer goods, to heat or cool buildings, for transportation, and for entertainment. CareforClimate's goal is to attain 10%, that is, to achieve one ton per year per person, and to show you the ways in which this could be feasible. By this, the quality of life would not be sacrificed..

On this page we have compiled four different everyday life themes in which it is possible to reduce your personal CO2 emissions.

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