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Organisation: Solafrica.ch
Location: Kenya, Cameroon, Switzerland

- Scouts go Solar
- Kenyan Energy Solutions
- Climate Caravan Project Cameroon
- Burkina Faso
Solafrica is a Swiss non-profit organization working towards a global transition to renewable energies. We believe that environmental protection and societal development can be mutually supportive and that solar energy and energy efficiency play a central role in these efforts. By investing in the education of young solar energy technicians and supporting young entrepreneurs in Africa, we promote a climate protective, sustainable energy supply.

We educate solar technicians both in the Kenyan Energy Solutions Project in Kenia and in the Climate Caravan Project and further support socially responsible entreprises. For families with a low economic income and without access to permanent energy supply LED lamps and battery charging stations based on solar power are a valuable alternative to widely used, expensive and hazardous petrol-lamps and petrol engines. They are also useful to schools, community centres and people from higher socio-economic backgrounds. Further, Solafrica works closely with local organisations. In rural areas small entrepreneurs are a necessity for sustainable development. Currently we are engaged in Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso.

In Switzerland Solafrica promotes the project Scouts go Solar which aims at integrating solar energy into the national programs of Scout organizations worldwide.

The organisation Solafrica was winner of the 2010 Prix Natur and recipient of the 2011 Environmental Award of the Swiss Foundation for the Environment.

How does CareforClimate help?

Care for Climate supports Solafrica with donations collected for Solafrica projects. They are used to:
  • Educate solar technicians
  • Build energy efficient cooking stoves
  • Accompany and support young entrepreneurs in building their company

For more Information:

Telefon: +41 (0)31 312 83 31
Email: info@solafrica.ch

Adress (Switzerland):
Bollwerk 35
3011 Bern, Switzerland

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