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Projects for Climate Protection

CareforClimate aims to achieve worldwide CO2 emission reductions. To attain this goal, CareforClimate supports projects that have proven to help reduce CO2 output. On this page, we outline important climate protection projects that can be financed directly with donations.

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Vidharba project: The region has a degraded environment and low rainfall, making it prone to droughts. The project's goals (with Swissaid & coaching by FIBL) are to adopt sustainable agricultural practices and to reduce pesticide dependencies for the very poor farmer families.
Agriculture in Nicaragua is particularly exposed to climate change. The situation is especially bad for small farmers. In cooperation with SWISSAID it is intended to guarantee food security and improve their standard of living. This is possible with ecological agriculture and forestry which also reduce emissions harmful to the climate.
RIDS-Nepal improves the livelihood of people who live in poor and difficult conditions in Nepal. The project supports CO2 reductions through small and manageable projects.
Solafrica supports a global energy transition through the promotion of solar power and energy efficiency in Africa, the education of solar technicians and the support of young entrepreneurs active in the area of solar energy.

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