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What do we want to accomplish?

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1. Our Goals

GLOBALLY: Reduce CO2 emission through social and projects working against climate change.
LOCALLY: Mobilize society to work towards a more climate friendly behaviour.

2. Why do we want to reduce climate change?

The earlier we reduce climate change, the less we live at the expense of future generations. It is a known fact that the consumption of resources and thus the burden for the environment and the climate is very high in the industrialized world. But what does high mean exactly? In numbers: in Switzerland we currently produce 12.5 t of CO2 per capita per year (emissions by imports included). It is our goal to encourage people on how they can reduce that rate to 1t per year.

Climate has also an effect on the nutritional status and security in the world. Please find J. Fuhrer's slides (2 MB) from his lecture at ETH Zurich:
"In the coming decades, global climate change will have an adverse overall effect on agricultural production and will bring us toward, and perhaps over, critical thresholds in many regions. [...]Higher CO2 could intensify the problem of micronutrient malnutrition."

3. How do we want to accomplish this?

Our supported projects reduce global CO2 emission, and also increase sustainable development and and social justice especially in economically weaker regions. To live climate friendly does not mean to relinquish a comfortable life. Already today there exist technologies that help to reduce climate damaging influences. We want to make these technologies more known and strive to increase their advancement.

4. What can you do for a better climate?

Find out about your own CO2 emission. Support one of our project partners. You can also become a member with our Organisation. Let yourself be inspired!
  • Act now! Reduce your CO2 emission
  • With our projects you can compensate one ton of CO2 by supporting us with CHF 20.
  • With our calculator you can assess how much CO2 per year you use.

Do you want to calculate your emissions? Start here:

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