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Irreführende Oekobilanzen von Lebensmitteln
Fliegen schadet - immer...

...heat waves kill more people than any other weather-related disaster. Researchers in Hong Kong revealed at the forum dec.20, 2018 that in highly urbanised and densely populated parts of the Asian city, every 1 degree Celsius increase in maximum daytime temperature above 28.2 degrees Celsius results in a 1.8 percent increase in mortality. Experts note that the world could reach a level of more than 80-90% urbanisation by the last quarter of the century, placing extremely large populations at risk.
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Ich wünsche uns allen diesen Mut zum Handeln, diesen Mut dieses Mädchens:


Auf dass wir mit Stolz auf das kommende Jahr zurückblicken können.

Die FDP hat sich aus der Verantwortung fürs Klima verabschiedet und bei der CVP fehlen 4 Stimmen. Super!

Urgent need to reduce meat and dairy consumption to meet climate targets, says expert
: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08912963.2018.1518443
The livestock sector could use almost half of the 1.5??C greenhouse gas emission budget allowed by 2030, so addressing this should be a key part of the strategy to hit climate targets, according to a new study published in Climate Policy.
Dr Helen Harwatt, farmed animal law and policy fellow at Harvard Law School, advises that getting protein from plant sources instead of animal sources would drastically help in meeting climate targets and reduce the risk of overshooting temperature goals.

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