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KEZO rezykliert Metalle aus der Schlacke udn gewann damit 2010 den KLimapreis.

Die Firma Dow Chemical (in der Bundesrätin Doris Leuthards Gatte arbeitet) hat sich dazu bekannt!
More sunlight penetrates the earth's surface in one hour than the world consumes in an entire year. http://www.dow.com/solutionism/?story=solar-energy

A formerly sceptical climate scientist says human activity is causing the Earth to warm, as a new study confirms earlier results on rising temperatures. Their latest study, released early on 5 Nov, 2012, concludes that the average temperature of the Earth’s land has risen by 1.5C (2.7F) over the past 250 years.Their latest study confirms the warming trend seen by other groups.
Muller leads the Berkeley Earth Project, which is using new methods and some new data to investigate the claims made by other climate researchers.

to convince others of your own visions is an artistic work, and it can only be done through aesthetic means--> visit event on 24.11.2012

IT-Geräte verbrauchen ca. 3% der elektrischen Energie in der Schweiz. Das klingt zwar nach relativ wenig Energie, doch diese 1,5 Milliarden kWh entsprechen dem gesamten privaten Stromverbrauch von über 400'000 Familien (Vier-Personen-Haushalt) (Quelle: S.A.F.E.). Die zunehmende Verbreitung von IT-Geräten führt dazu, dass dieser Anteil immer weiter steigt.

Methane: Not a damp squib, not yet a time bomb,
A potent greenhouse gas, an energy source, a culinary delicacy for some microbes – methane is all of these and more. But is it also the harbinger of impending catastrophe? There’s no smoking gun,...http://www.igbp.net/

Climbs and climbs: http://www.igbp.net/globalchange/climatechangeindex.4.1b8ae20512db692f2a...